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EUCASS, the European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences, was created by European scientists and engineers to improve the vitality of their scientific communication, the quality of their technical activities and to stimulate exchanges between researchers and industry end-users worldwide.

On July 6th, 2006, it became an International non-profit association under Belgian law. It is a member of the International Astronautical Federation.


EUCASS is a long-overdue initiative inspired from the "AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting" held annually in the USA. Its aim is to provide a unique and attractive forum for all aerospace research players on the European continent, only a few hours from home. It is also a conference that scientists from other countries will like to attend, to gain a comprehensive picture of European accomplishments at an affordable cost. Furthermore, EUCASS intends to bring together all the expertise available on the continent, to foster communication networks, particularly within EU's framework programs. EUCASS is also aimed at attracting young scientists to the profession and developing mobility and co-operations in all the states of "Great Europe", including Russia. Lastly EUCASS will provide a suitable venue for important exchanges between decision makers in governments and industry, thus becoming their natural meeting ground.



  • EASN Logo

    The EASN Association is an open, unique European platform aiming to the advancement of the aeronautics sciences and technologies through structuring, supporting and upgrading the research activities of the
    European Aeronautics Universities

  • Ten or twelve one-week lecture series on advanced topics in fluid dynamics are organized each year at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics. In-house lecturers are supplemented by the presence of a large number of invited international experts. The subjects chosen for the courses cover a wide spectrum of interests and are designed to benefit the research worker as well as the practicing engineer.

  • EUROSAE, subsidiary of two prestigious Schools, ISAE SUPAERO and ENSTA ParisTech, is the reference in the advance training of the aerospace world: It provides short, high level training courses to engineers, technicians and company executives willing to improve their professional skills in sciences, engineering and management fields.

    These  targeted, dense and short courses, are organized in the format of inter-companies or intra-companies sessions, with the aim to:
    - consolidate or update their knowledges in their activity sector,
    - widen their fields of knowledge in the related domains, in particular for mastering techniques and necessary methods to improve a dialog with their collaborators and partners
    - prepare and/or accompany their career development.

    EUROSAE offers a wide range of training courses, some of which are unique in France or even in Europe.

European Partner Associations

Eucass fosters the rapid dissemination of innovation for the benefit of aeronautics and space. It seeks and maintains partnerships with other European associations covering disciplines of aerospace interest.

  • E-CAERO. In the green paper 'The European Research Area: New perspectives' the European Commission recognizes that a fragmentation of the ERA still exists that prevents Europe from fulfilling its research and innovation potential. In particular, effective knowledge sharing should be achieved at European level.

    In the field of aeronautics and air transport, there are many initiatives at European level undertaking the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the different relevant disciplines. Different associations are active with different formats of events such as large conferences, moderate size thematic conferences, symposia, workshops, short courses, etc. In addition to presentations in events, the knowledge is further disseminated under the form of journal publications, proceedings, etc. More and more publications are now electronic which gives them a large potential for an easy dissemination and allow the use of electronic search facilities.

    For this reason, six organizations active in this field (ECCOMAS, the coordinator, CEAS, ERCOFTAC, EUCASS, EUROMECH and EUROTURBO) have decided to unify forces in order to increase their effectiveness and materialize their objectives better, and address the same purpose to the European Commission by jointly submitting this proposal. They give themselves the ambitious goal of holding a European aeronautic/aerospace conference at the end of the programme in 2011.
  • CEAS
    The Council of European Aerospace Societies was formed in 1993 as the Confederation of European Aerospace Societies in recognition of the increasingly international nature of the aerospace business. The transition from Confederation to Council took place in 2003 with the intention of providing improved collaboration, legal status and use of the resources of the constituent Societies.
  • ERCOFTAC is a scientific association of research, education and industry groups in the technology of flow, turbulence and combustion. It is organised around 2 pillars :
    - the Pilot Centres, that coordinate the research in Flow, Turbulence, and Combustion on a regional or national scale,
    - the Special Interest Groups, that stimulate European-wide research efforts on specific topics in flow, turbulence and combustion.
  • EUROTURBO is a primary driver for technology transfer across Europe in the field of turbomachinery through the presentation of the latest developments and best practices. It also intends to enhance cross-fertilization among senior scientists working at the edge of turbomachinery technology, in the attempt to further enhance the actual designs and concepts, and all users who intend to benefit from those progresses. Its conferences are also seen as an integrating element between the Western and Eastern European countries and as an additional mean to foster collaboration in turbomachinery research at a European level.

Private partners

  • Accelerate your R&D and reduce your time to market. PRESANS finds, qualifies and gives you access to the best experts in the world to address your targeted R&D needs.

Editors and Publishers

  • EDP science www.edpsciences.org

  • Torus Press

    TORUS PRESS publishes in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, astronomy, earth sciences, engineering, etc. It also organizes conferences, seminars and exhibitions http:/www.torus-press.com

  • The Journal of Aerospace Engineering provides a forum for the communication of ideas and methods presently in use at the forefront of technology in the field of aerospace engineering. The journal contains papers on all types of civil and military aircraft and spacecraft and their support systems. For more information please visit the website: http://journals.pepublishing.com/jaero
    ONLINE SUBMISSION AND REVIEW: http://jaero.edmgr.com