Max Calabro was a cheerful and enlightened man. He believed in the European dream, a dream where all countries of the continent would buttress the values of democracy and progress hand in hand for the advancement of aerospace sciences, his dear field.

From the very beginning in January 2004 until just a few months ago, he supported the Eucass project with absolute dedication. He was remarkably apt at visiting and assessing the value and attractiveness of conference sites. Until very recently and since the very beginning, he managed the conference programmes and contributed to the elaboration of the opening ceremonies and plenary sessions of invited presentations.

His field of expertise was rocket propulsion. A graduate of the Lyon (France) INSA engineering school, he served SEREB, then Aérospatiale, which was to become EADS. He took part in the UNMOVIC UNO mission to Iraq in his capacity of ballistics expert. He was distinguished as AIAA Fellow, SRTC Emeritus member, IAF IPC member and 3AF Emeritus member. He also was a member of the IAA.