Dear 7th EUCASS Conference participant


Thank you for joining us in Milan last July. In total, you were 600+ delegates including 160 students. To us, this was extremely gratifying and it appears you appreciated the event quite a lot!

Special thanks to the 254 of you who took time to answer our “feedback questionnaire”. You were 43%, quite a nice score! Your comments are very detailed and will undoubtedly help us to prepare an even better congress in 2019. The following chapters summarize the main findings. Please contact us if you wish to read the complete feedback document.

You find the document in pdf format here.

The conference has been held using five parallel symposia dealing with aspects of:

  • SI      SYSTEM INTEGRATION on Aircraft and Space Launch Vehicles
  • FP     FLIGHT PHYSICS for Aircraft and Launch Vehicles including Re- Entry Bodies
  • SM   STRUCTURES AND MATERIALS for Aeronautics and Space Systems
  • FD    FLIGHT DYNAMICS/ GNC and AVIONICS for Aeronautics and Space Applictions
  • PP     PROPULSION PHYSICS for Air-Breathing and Rocket Engines

A poster session was present as well. 

Aerospace Europe Science News Bulletin - Issue #24

Edited by EUCASS under E-CAero contract



Words From The Editor

Dear Colleague,

    Please find here the E-CAero newsletter #24. Included you find a few announcements of future events organized by one of the E-CAero partners in the H2020 E-CAERO framework, the EUROTURBO association.


    The usual review of recently published journals and patents of interest is enriched with data from the International Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power,  the open-access journal of EUROTURBO. 


    For the section "Patents of intereset", a few were about Galileo, the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

    Galileo went live recently, a historical moment for Europe and all users across the world: improved accuracy and novel possibilities are offered. For more infos about global and regional navigational systems, have a look here. It is interesting as well to know what is EGNOS, Europe's regional satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS).

    In particular, for the use of Galileo in aviation, please consult this exhaustive online resource in this page of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency.




    Visit their website, there is a plethora of interesting articles and news about Galileo.


JP Taran

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In this issue

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News from E-CAero

To find always the latest news for the events organized by the E-CAero members, do not forget to visit the Aerospace Europe (ae in short)  website


The full papers of the 7th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences are available in open access with their respective dois at the association website

A certain number of presentations of invited speakers are available as well for your perusal. 



The Aerospace Europe CEAS 2017 (6th CEAS Air & Space conference) will soon take place Oct. 16 - Oct 20 at  Bucharest, Romania. 

E-CAero Logo

In the frame of the 6th CEAS Air & Space conference announced above as joint event of all associations, a workshop on "Innovation in Aero-Engines" organized by E-CAero partners will be held on October 18, 2017 in session S32 (13:15-15:15). 

Please consider that the programme is not definitive, so it may be subject to changes. Always check the conference program page here and here for the official dates and times.  


EUROTURBO is organizing its 13th European Turbomachinery Conference, ETC13, at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 8 - April 12, 2019.

The website of the previous edition, held in April this year, is available here.

The first call for papers will be released soon, please check the organizer or the ae website from time to time for the first announcement.

The open-access library of the EUROTURBO Society, available here, already hosting the papers ETC10 and ETC11, will be enriched this October with the papers of the ETC12 conference recently concluded.
Aerospace Europe Logo

The digital library of the ae platform contains in open access many papers and books from E-CAero partners, including papers of ETC and CEAS conferences.  Our readers are strongly encouraged to browse the library for interesting articles collected in a centralized repository.


News from Journals

    For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.


    At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for our E-CAero partners according to certains areas of interest.


    You'll find below first the usual classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.


TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #23 (see the past issues on our website here)  three new volumes have been published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 47, Issue N.7 (toc available here)
  • Volume 47, Issue N.8 (toc available here)
  • Volume 48, Issue N.1 (toc available here)

The toc of the last issue is reported below for your convenience.


The investigation of the preferable interference of a tractor and pusher propellers mounted on the wing tips
Kornushenko, Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich and Kudryavtsev, Oleg Valentinovich and Teperin, Leonid Leonidovich and Teperina, Ludmila Nikolaevna and Shustov, Andrei Viktorovich and Orfinejad, Farid and Thein, Myo
Pages: 1–9
Keywords: wing and propeller vortex model, swirl flow, preferable interference

Numerical investigations of the effects of shapes and sizes of the gap between the lifting surface and control surface with the overhang balance on its effectiveness and hinge moment
Bogatyrev, Vladimir Valeryevich
Pages: 11–24
Keywords: control surface, overhang balance, effectiveness, hinge moment

Translational nonequilibrium thin shock layer on simple bodies
Ankudinov, Albert Leonidovich
Pages: 25–29
Keywords: hypersonic flow, Burnett approximation, translational nonequilibrium, thin shock layer, wedge (cone), Navier–Stokes thin shock layer

Application of various models of turbulence for calculation of incompressible internal flows
Baranov, Pavel Andreevich and Guvernyuk, Sergey Vladimirovich and Zubin , Mikhail Adolfovich and Isaev, Sergey Aleksandrovich and Usachov, Aleksandr Evguenyevich
Pages: 31–42
Keywords: numerical simulation, differential turbulence models, comparison with

Experimental investigations of wing lift control by actuators distributed on the wing surface
Nalivaiko, Aleksandr Gennadievich and Urusov, Andrey Yuryevich and Uspenskii, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich and Ustinov, Maxim Vladimirovich and Flaxman, Jacob Shmerkovich
Pages: 43–60
Keywords: flow separation, dielectric barrier discharge, synthetic jets, aerodynamic characteristics

Nonequilibrium aerosol flow in a supersonic wind tunnel
Amelyushkin, Ivan Alekseevich and Ganiev, Yuriy Khudyevich and Gobyzov, Oleg A. and Lipnitskiy, Yuriy Mikhaylovich and Lozhkin, Yurii Andreevich and Filippov, Sergey Evgenievich
Pages: 61–80
Keywords: image processing, inverse problems, nonintrusive optical diagnostics, two-phase flow velocity nonequilibrium

Structural design of helicopter wing based on topology and global-local optimization
Alexandrin, Yurii Semenovich and Tuktarov, Sergei Aleksandrovich and Chedrik, Vasilii Vasil’evich
Pages: 81–96
Keywords: structural layout, finite-element model, topology optimization, global&minus, local approach, aeroelasticity, strength, buckling

Investigation of single-mode flutter of various shape plates at low supersonic speeds
Abdukhakimov, Farrukh Adkhamovich and Vedeneev, Vasily Vladimirovich
Pages: 97–110
Keywords: panel flutter, single-mode flutter, plate flutter

Contribution of tsagi to the development of electric propulsion engines for aerospace vehicles: to the 50th anniversary of the national program “yantar”
Filatiev, Aleksandr Sergeevich and Skvortsov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Pages: 111–114
Keywords: TsAGI, propulsion engine


Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Since last newsletter, three new issues have been released:

  • Volume 231, Issue N.9 of July 2017 (toc available here)
  • Volume 231, Issue N.10 of August 2017 (toc available here)​
  • Volume 231, Issue N.11 of September 2017 (toc available here) 

The toc for the last issue is reported below for your convenience.


Wrinkling analysis and control of rectangular space membrane
Liu, Mingjun and Huang, Jin and Wang, Yali
Pages: 1959–1969
Keywords: Membrane, wrinkles, analysis, control

A study of the effect of projectile orientation on the results of ballistic impact tests as described in the easa cs-25 regulations for fuel tank access covers
De Vuyst, Tom and Vignjevic, Rade and Azorin Albero, Adrian and Campbell, James C and Djordjevic, Nenad and Hughes, Kevin
Pages: 1970–1978
Keywords: EASA CS-25, fuel tank access cover, ballistic impact, cube projectiles, engine debris

Autopilot design for tilt-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle with nacelle mounted wing extension using single hidden layer perceptron neural network
Kang, Youngshin and Kim, Nakwan and Kim, Byoung-Soo and Tahk, Min-Jea
Pages: 1979–1992
Keywords: Single hidden layer, perceptron, neural network, back-propagation, pseudo-control hedging, dynamic inversion, autonomous, waypoint, tilt-rotor, wing extension, nacelle fixed auxiliary wing

Optimal pulsed guidance law with terminal impact angle constraint
Liu, JH and Shan, JY and Liu, Q
Pages: 1993–2005
Keywords: Optimal pulsed guidance, extended maximum principle, two-point boundary value problem, particle swarm optimization, Kriging surrogate model

Robust l∞ convex optimisation for uavs cooperative motion estimation
Boulekchour, Mohammed and Aouf, Nabil and Richardson, Mark
Pages: 2006–2031
Keywords: Robust convex optimisation, cooperative navigation, multi-view geometry, registration, uncertainty propagation, L∞ norm, monocular visual odometry, second-order cone programming

Suboptimal mid-course guidance algorithm for accelerating missiles
Seo, Min-Guk and Tahk, Min-Jea
Pages: 2032–2047
Keywords: Midcourse guidance, accelerating missile, optimal guidance, feedback guidance, constrained guidance

Unmanned aerial vehicle trajectory planning by an integrated algorithm in a complex obstacle environment
Zhang, Siyu and Yu, Jianqiao and Mei, Yuesong and Sun, Huadong and Du, Yongbo
Pages: 2048–2067
Keywords: Unmanned aerial vehicle, trajectory planning, complex environment, obstacle-rich, integrated algorithm

Development of a boundary layer parameters identification method for transition prediction with complex grids

Hao, Zihui and Yan, Chao and Zhou, Ling and Qin, Yupei
Pages: 2068–2084
Keywords: Grid-reorder, boundary layer parameter, γ-Reθ model, cross-flow, transition correlation, k-ω-γ model

Effect of rocket exhaust of canisterized missile on adjoining launching system
Chandra Murty, MSR and Sinha, PK and Chakraborty, D
Pages: 2085–2097
Keywords: Universal vertical launch system, computational fluid dynamics, muzzle blast wave

Effects of lay-up sequence in thick composite tubes for helicopter landing gears
Yazdani Sarvestani, Hamidreza and Hojjati, Mehdi
Pages: 2098–2110
Keywords: Helicopter landing gears, thick composite straight tube, lay-up sequences, displacement-based method, stress analysis

Evaluation of side spillage for a hypersonic air intake using computational fluid dynamic techniques
Javed, Afroz and Chakraborty, Debasis
Pages: 2111–2119
Keywords: Hypersonic, air intake, side spillage, computational fluid dynamic, scramjet

Experimental investigation of effects of suction side squealer tip on the aeroelastic stability of a linear oscillating compressor cascade
Ma, Hongwei and Jin, Chao and Wei, Wei
Pages: 2120–2131
Keywords: Oscillating cascade, tip leakage flow, aeroelastic stability, suction side squealer, fluid–structure interaction

Flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle control based on a novel non-singular fast terminal sliding mode control and nonlinear disturbance observer
Yang, Xiaoqian and Li, Jian and Dong, Yi
Pages: 2132–2145
Keywords: Flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle, terminal sliding mode control, disturbance observer, back-stepping method, nonlinear system control

Aerodynamic and stability analysis of personal vehicle in tandem-wing configuration
Goetzendorf-Grabowski, Tomasz and Figat, Marcin
Pages: 2146–2162
Keywords: Aircraft design, personal air transport systems, tandem wing, stability, flying qualities, aerodynamics

Accuracy analysis and form-finding design of uncertain mesh reflectors based on interval force density method
Li, Tuanjie and Deng, Hanqing and Tang, Yaqiong and Jiang, Jie and Ma, Xiaofei
Pages: 2163–2173
Keywords: Mesh reflectors, uncertainty, interval analysis, force density method, form-finding design



Acta Astronautica


Since newsletter #23, a couple of new volumes have been published and  the last one is in progress.

  • Volume 138, for September 2017
  • Volume 139, for October 2017

Volume 140 is being compiled, the toc at the time of this writing is reported below for your convenience (please remember that is a work in progress).


Self-supervised learning as an enabling technology for future space exploration robots: iss experiments on monocular distance learning
van Hecke, Kevin and de Croon, Guido C.H.E. and Hennes, Daniel and Setterfield, Timothy P. and Saenz-Otero, Alvar and Izzo, Dario
Pages: 1–9
Keywords: Persistent self-supervised learning; Stereo vision; Monocular depth estimation; Space robotics

Sweet cubesat – water detection and water quality monitoring for the 21st century
Antonini, Kelly and Langer, Martin and Farid, Ahmed and Walter, Ulrich
Pages: 10–17
Keywords: CubeSat; Hyperspectral; Africa; Water quality; Mission design; Constellation

Mechanism of shock train rapid motion induced by variation of attack angle
Xu, Kejing and Chang, Juntao and Zhou, Weixing and Yu, Daren
Pages: 18–26
Keywords: Angle of attack; Shock train leading edge; Jumping; Rapid motion

Accurate analytical periodic solution of the elliptical kepler equation using the adomian decomposition method
Alshaery, Aisha and Ebaid, Abdelhalim
Pages: 27–33
Keywords: Kepler's equation; Adomian decomposition method; Adomian polynomials; Series solution

Orbit-attitude coupled motion around small bodies: sun-synchronous orbits with sun-tracking attitude motion
Kikuchi, Shota and Howell, Kathleen C. and Tsuda, Yuichi and Kawaguchi, Jun’ichiro
Pages: 34–48
Keywords: Small body; Solar radiation pressure; Gravity irregularity; Sun-synchronous orbit; Sun-tracking motion; Orbit-attitude coupled motion

Tracking control of wmrs on loose soil based on mixed h 2 / h ∞ control with longitudinal slip ratio estimation
Gao, Haibo and Chen, Chao and Ding, Liang and Li, Weihua and Yu, Haitao and Xia, Kerui and Liu, Zhen
Pages: 49–58
Keywords: Wheeled mobile robots; Nonlinear extended state observer; Mixed H2/H∞; Tracking control; Longitudinal slip ratio estimation

Global risk & global challenges – space as a game changer for socioeconomic sustainable development
Lehnert, Christopher and Karlsson, Evelina and Giannopapa, Christina
Pages: 59–65
Keywords: Societal challenges; Risk management; Strategy; Policy analyses; Space activities; ESA

Shape accuracy optimization for cable-rib tension deployable antenna structure with tensioned cables
Liu, Ruiwei and Guo, Hongwei and Liu, Rongqiang and Wang, Hongxiang and Tang, Dewei and Song, Xiaoke
Pages: 66–77
Keywords: Shape accuracy optimization; Deployable structure; Tensioned cables; Pretension; Finite element method; Genetic algorithm

Orthotropic node-separation finite element method for composite laminate in hypervelocity impact simulation
Zhang, Xiaotian and Liu, Tao and Qiu, Xinming
Pages: 78–90
Keywords: Hypervelocity impact; Composite laminate; Material model; Finite element method

Resonantly interacting non-linear waves in a van der waals gas
Nath, Triloki and Gupta, R.K. and Singh, L.P.
Pages: 91–95
Keywords: Shock wave; van der Waals gas; Asymptotic solution; Wave interaction

Vzlusat-1: nanosatellite with miniature lobster eye x-ray telescope and qualification of the radiation shielding composite for space application
Urban, Martin and Nentvich, Ondrej and Stehlikova, Veronika and Baca, Tomas and Daniel, Vladimir and Hudec, Rene
Pages: 96–104
Keywords: Nanosatellite; Carbon material; Space qualification; Lobster eye; CubeSat; Timepix

How to prevent mind-wandering during an eva ? presentation of a mind-wandering detection method using ecg technology in a mars-analog environment
Gontier, Camille
Pages: 105–112
Keywords: Mind-wandering; Heart rate variability; Human factors; Mars analog mission; MDRS

Coronal mass ejection early-warning mission by solar-photon sailcraft
Vulpetti, Giovanni and Circi, Christian and Pino, Tommaso
Pages: 113–125
Keywords: Space weather; Solar sailing; Heliocentric sailcraft-earth synchronization; Electrochromic device

Investigation of flameholding characteristics in a kerosene-fueled scramjet combustor with tandem dual-cavity
Wang, Yu-hang and Song, Wen-yan and Shi, De-yong
Pages: 126–132
Keywords: Propulsion system; Phase equilibrium; Sublimation; Small spacecraft

Development of solid-gas equilibrium propulsion system for small spacecraft
Chujo, Toshihiro and Mori, Osamu and Kubo, Yuki
Pages: 133–139
Keywords: Rendezvous; Required position; Required velocity; Predictive guidance; Sliding mode

The detection of cold dark matter with the mössbauer effect in earth satellites
Winterberg, Friedwardt
Pages: 140–141
Keywords: Trajectory optimization; Combined cycle engine; Particle swarm optimization; Constraint handling; Turbulence operator

Sliding mode predictive guidance for terminal rendezvous in eccentric orbits
Kasaeian, Seyed Aliakbar and Assadian, Nima and Ebrahimi, Masoud
Pages: 142–155
Keywords: Star tracker; Attitude determination; Star identification; Panoramic camera; Template matching; Iterative closest point

Ascent phase trajectory optimization for vehicle with multi-combined cycle engine based on improved particle swarm optimization
Zhou, Hongyu and Wang, Xiaogang and Bai, Yuliang and Cui, Naigang
Pages: 156–165
Keywords: Sandwich panel; Pyramidal lattice core; Elastic foundation; Thermal buckling elimination; Supersonic airflow; Aerothermoelastic analysis

A new star tracker concept for satellite attitude determination based on a multi-purpose panoramic camera
Opromolla, Roberto and Fasano, Giancarmine and Rufino, Giancarlo and Grassi, Michele and Pernechele, Claudio and Dionisio, Cesare
Pages: 166–175
Keywords: Hypersonic vehicle; Waverider; Aerodynamic design methodology; Basic flow field

Investigations on the influences of elastic foundations on the aerothermoelastic flutter and thermal buckling properties of lattice sandwich panels in supersonic airflow
Chai, Yu-Yang and Song, Zhi-Guang and Li, Feng-Ming
Pages: 176–189
Keywords: Microgravity; Glucocorticoid; Bone loss

An overview of research on waverider design methodology
Ding, Feng and Liu, Jun and Shen, Chi-bing and Liu, Zhen and Chen, Shao-hua and Fu, Xiang
Pages: 190–205
Keywords: Optimal sensor placement; Space solar power satellite; Effective independence method; Effective interval index; Reliability; Genetic algorithm

Glucocorticoid: a potential role in microgravity-induced bone loss
Yang, Jiancheng and Yang, Zhouqi and Li, Wenbin and Xue, Yanru and Xu, Huiyun and Li, Jingbao and Shang, Peng
Pages: 206–212
Keywords: Asteroid Landing; Model Predictive Control; Predictive Path Planning; Multiple-Horizon Multiple-Model Predictive Control

Optimal sensor placement for deployable antenna module health monitoring in ssps using genetic algorithm
Yang, Chen and Zhang, Xuepan and Huang, Xiaoqi and Cheng, ZhengAi and Zhang, Xinghua and Hou, Xinbin
Pages: 213–224
Keywords: Vision-aided navigation; Planetary landing; Database construction; Feature exploitability

Soft landing on an irregular shape asteroid using multiple-horizon multiple-model predictive control
AlandiHallaj, MohammadAmin and Assadian, Nima
Pages: 225–234
Keywords: Numerical simulation; Experimental study; Transient ignition; Hybrid rocket motor

Database construction for vision aided navigation in planetary landing
Yu, Meng and Cui, Hutao and Li, Shuang and Tian, Yang
Pages: 235–246
Keywords: Spacecraft formation flight; Lorentz-augmented formation; Optimal hybrid control; Relative Cartesian dynamics

Three-dimensional numerical and experimental studies on transient ignition of hybrid rocket motor
Tian, Hui and Yu, Ruipeng and Zhu, Hao and Wu, Junfeng and Cai, Guobiao
Pages: 247–254
Keywords: Vibration suppression; Input shaping; Solar array drive system; Adaptive robust control; Angular position control

A cartesian relative motion approach to optimal formation flight using lorentz forces and impulsive thrusting
Vatankhahghadim, Behrad and Damaren, Christopher J.
Pages: 255–263
Keywords: RBCC engine; Isolator; Shock train; Numerical simulation; Combustion

Adaptive robust control with input shaping technology for solar array drive system
Zhou, Tong and Guo, Hong and Xu, Jinquan and Lin, Chuanchuan
Pages: 264–272
Keywords: Asteroid deflection; Laser ablation; Kinetic impactor; Ion beam shepherd; Gravity tractor

From outer space to earth—the social significance of isolated and confined environment research in human space exploration
Tachibana, Koji and Tachibana, Shoichi and Inoue, Natsuhiko
Pages: 273–283
Keywords: Autonomous earth observation satellite; Sensor web; Online scheduling; Urgent tasks; Progressive techniques; Revision techniques

Research on shock wave characteristics in the isolator of central strut rocket-based combined cycle engine under ma5.5
Wei, Xianggeng and Xue, Rui and Qin, Fei and Hu, Chunbo and He, Guoqiang
Pages: 284–292
Keywords: Solar power satellite; High-order gravity and torque; High-order flexibility coefficient; Flexible vibration

Statistical multi-criteria evaluation of non-nuclear asteroid deflection methods
Thiry, Nicolas and Vasile, Massimiliano
Pages: 293–307
Keywords: Laser ablation; Non-Fourier heat conduction; Phase transition; PTFE

A hybrid online scheduling mechanism with revision and progressive techniques for autonomous earth observation satellite
Li, Guoliang and Xing, Lining and Chen, Yingwu
Pages: 308–321
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics; Scramjet nozzle; Hypersonic flow; Energy deposition; Optimization design

Gravitational force and torque on a solar power satellite considering the structural flexibility
Zhao, Yi and Zhang, Jingrui and Zhang, Yao and Zhang, Jun and Hu, Quan
Pages: 322–337
Keywords: Multistage waverider; Conical theory; Wide-ranged; Morphing

Non-fourier heat conduction and phase transition in laser ablation of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe)
Zhang, Yu and Zhang, Daixian and Wu, Jianjun and Li, Jian and He, Zhaofu
Pages: 338–350
Keywords: Spacecraft; Inertia parameters; Identification; Optimal excitation; Least-squares method

Optimization design of energy deposition on single expansion ramp nozzle
Ju, Shengjun and Yan, Chao and Wang, Xiaoyong and Qin, Yupei and Ye, Zhifei
Pages: 351–361
Keywords: Telerobotics; Plant growth experiments; Lunar mission; Moon village

Novel methodology for wide-ranged multistage morphing waverider based on conical theory
Liu, Zhen and Liu, Jun and Ding, Feng and Xia, Zhixun
Pages: 362–369
Keywords: Rotating detonation engine; Chamber inlet state; Plenum flowfield; Propagation mode-transition

Optimal excitation design for identifying inertia parameters of spacecraft
Zhai, Kun and Wang, Tianshu and Meng, Dongbo
Pages: 370–379
Keywords: DCMIX; Acceleration signal; ISS vibrational environment; Spectral entropy

Human assisted robotic vehicle studies - a conceptual end-to-end mission architecture
Lehner, B.A.E. and Mazzotta, D.G. and Teeney, L. and Spina, F. and Filosa, A. and Pou, A. Canals and Schlechten, J. and Campbell, S. and Soriano, P. López
Pages: 380–387
Keywords: Water recycling system of the Lunar Palace 1; Bioregenerative life support system; Membrane-biological activated carbon reactor; Condensate water; Sanitary & kitchen wastewater; Urine treatment

Effects of injection nozzle exit width on rotating detonation engine
Sun, Jian and Zhou, Jin and Liu, Shijie and Lin, Zhiyong and Cai, Jianhua
Pages: 388–401
Keywords: Hybrid rocket motor; Secondary injection; Numerical simulation; Combustion efficiency

Investigation of flameholding mechanisms in a kerosene-fueled scramjet combustor
Wang, Yu-hang and Song, Wen-yan and Shi, De-yong
Pages: 402–408
Keywords: Orbit selection; Instrument design; Coverage analysis; Mission performance

Onsite vibrational characterization of dcmix2/3 experiments
Ollé, Judit and Dubert, Diana and Gavaldà, Josefina and Laverón-Simavilla, Ana and Ruiz, Xavier and Shevtsova, Valentina
Pages: 409–419
Keywords: Friction stir spot welding; Friction stir welding; Meteorite; In-space construction; Invar; Low carbon steel

The water treatment and recycling in 105-day bioregenerative life support experiment in the lunar palace 1
Xie, Beizhen and Zhu, Guorong and Liu, Bojie and Su, Qiang and Deng, Shengda and Yang, Lige and Liu, Guanghui and Dong, Chen and Wang, Minjuan and Liu, Hong
Pages: 420–426
Keywords: Attitude agile maneuvering; Hybrid actuators; Singularity avoidance; Null motion; Performance index

Parametric investigation of secondary injection in post-chamber on combustion performance for hybrid rocket motor
Cai, Guobiao and Cao, Binbin and Zhu, Hao and Tian, Hui and Ma, Xuan
Pages: 427–438
Keywords: LARES satellite; LARASE experiment; Neutral atmosphere drag; Satellite orbital decay; Non-gravitational perturbations

Sentinel-3 coverage-driven mission design: coupling of orbit selection and instrument design
Cornara, S. and Pirondini, F. and Palmade, J.L.
Pages: 439–451
Keywords: Joint; C/C composite; GH3044 nickle-based superalloy; Micro-oxidation; Interlocking interface; Bonding strength

Weldability of an iron meteorite by friction stir spot welding: a contribution to in-space manufacturing
Evans, William Todd and Neely, Kelsay E. and Strauss, Alvin M. and Cook, George E.
Pages: 452–458
Keywords: Hypersonic; Boundary layer stability; Wavy wall; Numerical simulation

Null motion strategy for spacecraft large angle agile maneuvering using hybrid actuators
Wu, Yun-Hua and Han, Feng and Hua, Bing and Chen, Zhi-Ming
Pages: 459–468
Keywords: Gravimetry; Drag-free; Orbit; Formation; Pointing; Attitude

On the secular decay of the lares semi-major axis
Pardini, C. and Anselmo, L. and Lucchesi, D.M. and Peron, R.
Pages: 469–477
Keywords: Philae; Rosetta; Attitude; Trajectory; ROMAP; RPC-MAG; CONSERT

Influence of micro-oxidation on joints of c/c composites and gh3044 for large-size aerospace parts
Shi, Xiaohong and Jin, Xiuxiu and Yan, Ningning and Yang, Li
Pages: 478–484
Keywords: Joint, C/C composite, GH3044, nickle-based, superalloy, Micro-oxidation, Interlocking interface,Bonding strength ​

Numerical simulation of wavy surface effect on the stability of a hypersonic boundary layer
Zhou, Yunlong and Liu, Wei and Chai, Zhenxia and Yang, Xiaoliang
Pages: 485–496
Keywords: Hypersonic, Boundary layer stability, Wavy wall, Numerical simulation

Embedded model control gnc for the next generation gravity mission
Colangelo, Luigi and Massotti, Luca and Canuto, Enrico and Novara, Carlo
Pages: 497–508
Keywords: Gravimetry, Drag-free, Orbit, Formation, Pointing, Attitude

Reconstruction of the flight and attitude of rosetta’s lander philae
Heinisch, Philip and Auster, Hans-Ulrich and Plettemeier, Dirk and Kofman, Wlodek and Herique, Alain and Statz, Christoph and Hahnel, Ronny and Rogez, Yves and Richter, Ingo and Hilchenbach, Martin and et al.
Pages: 509–516
Keywords: Philae, Rosetta, Attitude, Trajectory, ROMAP, RPC-MAG, CONSERT​


News from Readers

One of our readers reminds us to check the interesting articles collected in open access by the EUROTURBO society in their International Journal of Turbomachinery Propulsion and Power


Of particular interest is this article from the Editor-in-Chief, introducing the journal as an open access dissemination tool for research on turbomachinery.  The journal has been founded in late 2016 and published 2 volumes for a total of 5 issues so far.

Below you find all the articles published for your convenience.


The international journal of turbomachinery propulsion and power: the open access dissemination tool for research on turbomachinery
Manna, Marcello
Pages: 1
Full Paper

Impact of the exhaust geometry on flow losses in a high-pressure steam turbine
Musch, Christian and Hecker, Simon and Gloss, Daniel and Steinhoff, Ruben
Pages: 2
Keywords: steam turbine; exhaust flow; volute design
Full Paper

Aerodynamic performance of an ultra-low aspect ratio centripetal turbine stator
Fontaneto, Fabrizio and Arts, Tony and Simon, Matthieu and Picot, Philippe
Pages: 3
Keywords: ultra-low aspect ratio; centripetal turbine stator; transonic; micro pressure probe; virtual
Full Paper

Film cooling effectiveness downstream of trailing edge slots including cutback surface protuberances
Wong, Tsun and Ireland, Peter and Self, Kevin
Pages: 4
Keywords: turbine; blade; vane; trailing edge; pressure sensitive paint; effectiveness; cooling; land;
Full Paper

Advanced endwall contouring for loss reduction and outflow homogenization for an optimized compressor cascade
Reutter, Oliver and Rozanski, Magdalena and Hergt, Alexander and Nicke, Eberhard
Pages: 1
Keywords: compressor; CFD; optimization; endwall contouring; cascade; outflow angle; overturning;
Full Paper

3d numerical modeling of zeotropic mixtures and pure working fluids in an orc turbo-expander
Gad-el-Hak, Ibrahim and Hussin, Ahmed and Hamed, Ashraf and Mahmoud, Nabil
Pages: 2
Keywords: radial inflow turbine; organic Rankine cycles; working fluids; computational fluid
Full Paper

Cfd-based investigation of turbine tonal noise induced by steady hot streaks
Holewa, Axel and Lesnik, Sergey and Ashcroft, Graham and Guérin, Sébastien
Pages: 3
Keywords: indirect combustion noise; turbine noise; hot streaks; Harmonic Balance
Full Paper

Transition models for turbomachinery boundary layer flows: a review
Dick, Erik and Kubacki, Slawomir
Pages: 4
Keywords: turbomachinery flows; transition models; boundary layers; bypass transition; separationinduced transition; wake-induced transition; Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes; intermittency; laminar
Full Paper

On initiation of stall in axial flow compressors
Owczarek, Jerzy
Pages: 5
Keywords: Stall initiation in axial flow compressors; Reflecting Pressure Pulses; Reflecting Pressure
Full Paper

Hot streak evolution in an axial hp turbine stage
Gaetani, Paolo and Persico, Giacomo
Pages: 6
Keywords: hot streaks; axial turbine; turbine performance; combustor-turbine coupling
Full Paper

Analysis of the aerodynamic and structural performance of a cooling fan with morphing blade
Suman, Alessio and Fortini, Annalisa and Aldi, Nicola and Pinelli, Michele and Merlin, Mattia
Pages: 7
Keywords: morphing blade; adaptive geometry; computational fluid dynamics; fluid-structure coupling
Full Paper

Linear stability prediction of vortex structures on high pressure turbine blades
Zauner, Markus and Sandham, Neil and Wheeler, Andrew and Sandberg, Richard
Pages: 8
Keywords: stability analysis; boundary-layer; transition; turbine
Full Paper

Effects of the approximations embodied in the momentum theory as applied to the nrel phase vi wind turbine
Bontempo, Rodolfo and Manna, Marcello
Pages: 9
Keywords: momentum theory; blade-element/momentum theory; wind turbine
Full Paper

Adjoint-based design optimisation of an internal cooling channel u-bend for minimised pressure losses
Verstraete, Tom and Müller, Lasse and Müller, Jens-Dominik
Pages: 10
Keywords: internal cooling channel; adjoint-based optimisation; tri-variate B-spline
Full Paper

A cfd-based throughflow method with three-dimensional flow features modelling
Pacciani, Roberto and Marconcini, Michele and Arnone, Andrea
Pages: 11
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics; Throughflow method; Secondary flows; Tip leakage flows
Full Paper

The influence of combustor swirl on pressure losses and the propagation of coolant flows at the large scale turbine rig (lstr): experimental and numerical investigation
Werschnik, Holger and Schneider, Marius and Herrmann, Janina and Ivanov, Dimitri and Schiffer, Heinz-Peter and Lyko, Christoph
Pages: 12
Keywords: combustor–turbine interaction; flow tracing; swirl; film cooling; scalar tracking method
Full Paper

Influence of pressure fluctuations on the mean value of different pneumatic probes
Bauinger, Sabine and Marn, Andreas and Göttlich, Emil and Heitmeir, Franz
Pages: 13
Keywords: measurement technique; pneumatic probes; turbomachinery; turbulence; rakes;
Full Paper

Cad integrated multipoint adjoint-based optimization of a turbocharger radial turbine
Mueller, Lasse and Verstraete, Tom
Pages: 14
Keywords: adjoint-based optimization; CAD; geometric constraints; multipoint; CFD; radial turbine
Full Paper

The effect of hot streaks on a high pressure turbine vane cascade with showerhead film cooling
Barigozzi, Giovanna and Mosconi,Silvia and Perdichizzi,Antonio and Ravelli,Silvia
Pages: 15
Keywords: hot streak; first stage vane; showerhead film cooling
Full Paper

Effect of distortion on turbofan tonal noise at cutback with hybrid methods
Daroukh, Majd and Moreau, Stéphane and Gourdain, Nicolas and Boussuge, Jean-François and Sensiau, Claude
Pages: 16
Keywords: fan tonal noise; inlet distortion; hybrid methods
Full Paper


Patents of Interest


The following patents have been selected from the EPO database using the following criteria: "WORD = galileo AND WORD = satellite AND WORD = 'solar panel' AND PUA12 >= 20160101". In this case, this means all patents whose A1/A2 documents both have been published after January 1, 2016 and contain the keywords aforementioned. Since patents can be filed towards different organizations, sometimes the data available in the EPO database (the version available for free online) is not the most complete. In that case an external link is used.

Many patents are related to multiple navigation systems, due to the simplicity and benefits of using multiple satellite networks based on availability, but when Galileo and EGNOS are in use, increase in accuracy are enviseageables.


On this topic we see many patents filed by chinese companies.


How to browse the EPO patent list

There are different tools online to browse/search patents, for example google and the wipo. Here we will be using the EPO Patent information services for experts, from this address. It is possible to browse patents based on many parameters, inventor name, applicant/proprietor (usually a company), application date, etc. etc. In the future we will consider patents that have published their A1/A2 documents since the date of the last newsletter.

The definition of A1 and A2 are available here.

  • Basically when a European patent application is published together with the search report done by the agency, it is known as an A1 publication. When this application is published without the search report, it is an A2 document.
  • The search report is then published later as an A3 document.
  • When the patent is granted, it is published as a B document.


This newsletter (as the recent ones) has been funded by the E-CAero2 (European Collaborative Dissemination of Aeronautical research and applications 2) framework. 




Ercoftac CEAS eucass
euromech euroturbo eccomas

Words From The Editor

Dear Colleague,

    Please find the first EUCASS newsletter for 2017.  This will be a busy 
year for our association with two conferences to hold in rapid succession. A brief reminder is presented below. 

    You find as usual a short collection of recent publications of possible interest classified according to certain categories.

    The section about  patents of interest will be this time dedicated to CubeSats.

JP Taran

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Make sure to report your own published innovative results and those of others to Stella Sauvan at the special email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In this issue

News from Eucass

News from Journals

News from Readers

Patents of Interest

News from Eucass

ATW 2017

    This year the 6th ATW goes back to the classical thematic of the previous workshops (2009-2011-2013-2015), focusing on the Fundamentals of Aerodynamic Flow and Combustion Control by Plasmas.

Last year edition was instead focused on Fundamentals of Collisions of Fast Particles with Surfaces . 


    You can find the announcement on our website at the address


    For the first time the workshop moves out of France to St Petersbourg, Russia.

    The local organiser website is available at

Eucass 2017

    For the 7th edition of our main congress, registrations and abstracts submissions are open at the organiser website


    Abstracts submissions have been extended to the 15th of February, for a conference that will highlight advances in aeronautics and space sciences in five parallel symposia dealing with aspects of:

  • System Integration
  • Flight Physics
  • Flight Dynamics/ GNC and Avionics
  • Structures and Materials
  • Propulsion Physics​


News from Journals

    For your convenience, starting from newsletter #10 we  provide for each article the keywords selected by the respective journal editor.


    At the same time, our newsletter editor or his helper is classifying the most interesting articles for EUCASS according to our areas of interest.


    You'll find below first the EUCASS classification with links to the proper article in the classical article list based on the different journals presented in this newsletter.


TsAGI Science Journal

Since Newsletter #20 (see the past issues on our website here) three new volumes have been published in the meanwhile:

  • Volume 47, Issue N.2 (toc available here)
  • Volume 47, Issue N.3 (toc available here)
  • Volume 47, Issue N.4 (toc available here)

For your convenience, the toc of the last issues is reported below:

Development of investigations on elaboration of volume-centered discharges and their application in gas flows
Ivanov, V.V. and Skvortsov, V.V. and Starodubtsev, M.A. and Chernyshev, S.L.
Pages: 353-366
Keywords: non-equilibrium discharge, high-speed flow, ignition, plasma-chemical reaction intensification, ignition delay time, numerical studies, electro-physical studies, spectroscopic studies

The influence of roughness of the surface on scattering of a free-molecular flow by solid bodies
Erofeev, A.I. and Nikiforov, A.P. and Nesterov, S.B. and Nezhmetdinova, R.A.
Pages: 367-388
Keywords: free-molecular gas flow, surface roughness, atomic force microscopy

Hypersonic nonequilibrium flow over flat butt
Ankudinov, A.L.
Pages: 389-395
Keywords: hypersonic flow, kinetic thin shock layer, two-dimensional problem, flat butt, Grad's approximation, nonequilibrium in translational degrees of freedom

Estimation of the gas blowing effect on convective heat transfer in laminar and turbulent boundary layers
Gorskii, V.V. and Pugach, M.A.
Pages: 397-408
Keywords: boundary layer, convective heat transfer, gas blowing through a permeable surface, laminar and turbulent flow regimes

On the development of hypersonic technologies for aerodynamic research at high reynolds numbers
Kurshin, A.P.
Pages: 409-422
Keywords: hypersonic technologies, aerodynamic research, high Reynolds numbers, development

Laboratory aero refrigeration setup for investigation of ice accretion processes
Miller, A.B. and Potapov, Yu.F. and Tokarev, O.D. and Yashin, A.E.
Pages: 423-432
Keywords: ice accretion, wind tunnel, water droplets, ice crystal, refrigeration chamber

Methods of computation of the helicopter deformations for the specified flight regime
Kasumov, Evguenii Vladimirivich
Pages: 443-447
Keywords: stress-strain condition, mathematical model, numerical experiment, kinematical analysis, load analysis, design, mechanical system, automatic control

A probabilistic approach to improve the reliability of helicopter designs with adjustable elements
Mikhailov, S.A. and Nedel’ko, D.V. and Saltykov, S.V. and Shakirov, M.Z.
Pages: 449-456
Keywords: durability, the probability of damage, adjustable element, the adjustment error, helicopter design


Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Since last newsletter, three new issues have been released:

  • Volume 230, Issue N.14 of December 2016 (toc available here)
  • Volume 231, Issue N.1 of January 2017 (toc available here)​
  • Volume 231, Issue N.2 of February 2017 (toc available here)

The toc for the last issue is reported below for your convenience.


Flap wise bending vibration and dynamic stability of rotating functionally graded material plates in thermal environments
Inala, Ramu and Mohanty, SC
Pages: 203–217
Keywords: Rotating plate, functionally graded material, thermal environment, vibration, dynamic load, dynamic stability

Research on angles-only/sins/cns relative position and attitude determination algorithm for a tumbling spacecraft
Zhang, Lijun and Qian, Shan and Zhang, Shifeng and Cai, Hong
Pages: 218–228
Keywords: Tumbling spacecraft, relative position and attitude, angles-only, Kalman filter

Analysis of a mechanism with redundant drive for antenna pointing
Li, Xin and Ding, Xilun and Chirikjian, Gregory S
Pages: 229–239
Keywords:Antenna pointing mechanism, redundant drive, orientation workspace, singularity analysis, error analysis

An extension of the streamline curvature through-flow design method for bypass fans of turbofan engines
Acarer, Sercan and Özkol, Ünver
Pages: 240–253
Keywords: Gas turbine, jet engine, turbofan, bypass, split-flow, fan, through-flow, streamline curvature, loss correlation, transonic

Experimental investigation on noise radiation characteristics of pulse detonation turbine engine
Huang, Xiqiao and Guo, Zhuo and Liu, Kai and Li, Moqi and Zheng, Longxi
Pages: 254–264
Keywords: Pulse detonation turbine engine, noise radiation, frequency, acoustic attenuation, sound pressure

Surrogate modeling of a 3d scramjet-powered hypersonic vehicle based on screening method iffd
Boyi, Chen and Yanbin, Liu and Haidong, Shen and Yuping, Lu
Pages: 265–278
Keywords: Hypersonic vehicle, design-oriented model, Kriging model, IFFD, ν-gapmetric

An automated multi-grid chimera method based on the implicit hole technique
Liu, Qiuhong and Qu, Kun and Cai, Jinsheng
Pages: 279–293
Keywords: Drag prediction, implicit hole cutting, multi-grid, overlap grid, overset grid

Performance of a jaws inlet under off-design conditions
Gu, Tianlai and Zhang, Shuai and Zheng, Yao
Pages: 294–305
Keywords: Hypersonic, jaws inlet, numerical method, start/unstart, separation structure

Solar sail structural analysis via improved finite element modeling
Boni, Luisa and Mengali, Giovanni and Quarta, Alessandro A
Pages: 306–318
Keywords: Square solar sail, solar sail structural analysis

Numerical simulation of fairing separation test for hypersonic air breathing vehicle
Raj, Ankit and Anandhanarayanan, K and Krishnamurthy, R and Chakraborty, Debasis
Pages: 319–325
Keywords: Fairing separation, grid-free method, computational fliud dynamics, rigid body dynamics, aerodynamic damping

Stagnation pressure effect on prandtl meyer function for air
Salhi, Merouane and Zebbiche, Toufik and Mehalem, Abderrahmane
Pages: 326–337
Keywords: Supersonic flow, perfect gas model, high temperature model, real gas, Berthelot’s state equation, condensation’s function, stagnation pressure, Simpson’s integration, Newton’s method, numerical derivation, Prandtl Meyer function

Layout design optimization of a space propulsion system using hybrid optimization algorithm
Shafaee, Maziar and Mohammadzadeh, Parviz and Elkaie, Abbas and Abbasi, Saied
Pages: 338–349
Keywords: Space propulsion system, mass center variations, hybrid optimization, genetic algorithm, sequential quadratic programming

Study on vibration of mistuned bladed disk with bi-periodic piezoelectric network
Deng, Peng-cheng and Li, Lin and Li, Chao
Pages: 350–363
Keywords: Bladed disk, vibration reduction, mistuning, piezoelectric network, traveling wave excitation

The effects of rectangular riblets on rectangular micro air vehicles for drag reduction
Radmanesh, Mohammadreza and Samani, Iman and Amiriyoon, Alireza and Tavakoli, Mohammad-Reza
Pages: 364–373
Keywords: Riblets, micro air vehicles, drag reduction, aerodynamics, numerical tests

Modified dubins parameterization for aircraft emergency trajectory planning
Yomchinda, Thanan and Horn, Joseph F and Langelaan, Jack W
Pages: 374–393
Keywords: Path planning, aircraft emergency trajectory, Dubins parameterization​


Thermophysics and Aeromechanics


Since newsletter #20, two new issues have been released:

  • Volume 23, Issue N.4 of July 2016 (toc available here)
  • Volume 23, Issue N.5 of September 2016 (toc available here)

The toc for the this issue is reported below for your convenience.


Effect of the surface roughness of blunt cone forebody on the position of laminar-turbulent transition
Bountin, D. A. and Gromyko, Yu. V. and Maslov, A. A. and Polivanov, P. A. and Sidorenko, A. A.
Pages: 629–638
Keywords: hypersonic boundary layer, laminar-turbulent transition, surface roughness

Flow control of the semicircular airfoil with a vortex cell at slot suction of air and its blowout into the near wake
Isaev, S. A. and Baranov, P. A. and Smurov, M. Yu. and Sudakov, A. G. and Shebelev, A. V.
Pages: 639–643
Keywords: vortex cell, semicircular airfoil, suction, fan, multi-block computer technologies, modified MSST

Investigation of annular supersonic inlets with isentropic compression
Galkin, V. M. and Zvegintsev, V. I. and Vnuchkov, D. A.
Pages: 645–655
Keywords: nozzle, the method of characteristics, axisymmetric supersonic flow, ideal gas, reversed flow, the inlet start, viscous flow

Experimental investigation of wake evolution behind a couple of flat discs in a hydrochannel
Naumov, I. V. and Litvinov, I. V. and Mikkelsen, R. F. and Okulov, V. L.
Pages: 657–666
Keywords: wake behind a bluff body, level of turbulence of the incident flow, pair of discs, velocity deficit, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Numerical modeling of the swirling turbulent wake decay past a self-propelled body
Demenkov, A. G. and Chernykh, G. G.
Pages: 667–675
Keywords: swirling turbulent wake past a self-propelled body, mathematical modeling, self-similar degeneration, shearless flow

Turbulent circulation above the surface heat source in a stably stratified environment
Kurbatskii, A. F. and Kurbatskaya, L. I.
Pages: 677–692
Keywords: turbulence, planetary boundary layer, urban heat island, large-scale circulation, numerical modeling

Simulation of turbulent non-isothermal polydisperse bubbly flow behind a sudden tube expansion
Pakhomov, M. A. and Terekhov, V. I.
Pages: 693–699
Keywords: bubble separated flow, turbulence, heat transfer enhancement, simulation

Numerical investigation of the variable nozzle effect on the mixed flow turbine performance characteristics
Meziri, B. and Hamel, M. and Hireche, O. and Hamidou, K.
Pages: 701–711
Keywords: variable nozzle, design, mixed flow, turbine, turbocharger

Application of local indentations for film cooling of gas turbine blade leading edge
Petelchyts, V. Yu. and Khalatov, A. A. and Pysmennyi, D. N. and Dashevskyy, Yu. Ya.
Pages: 713–720
Keywords: film cooling, blowing parameter, leading edge, cooling system, semi-spherical dimple, trench

Numerical approach to new tangential slot effect on film cooling effectiveness over asymmetrical turbine blade
Senouci, Z. and Benabed, M.
Pages: 721–734
Keywords: film cooling, tangential slot, coverage ratio, SST turbulence model

Experimental study of cold gas spraying through a mask. part 1
Klinkov, S. V. and Kosarev, V. F. and Ryashin, N. S. and Shikalov, V. S.
Pages: 735–740
Keywords: cold gas spraying, mask, coating profile, masked zone width

Co-extraction of water vapor and helium from natural gas
Zinovyev, V. N. and Kazanin, I. V. and Lebiga, V. A. and Pak, A. Yu. and Vereshchagin, A. S. and Fomin, V. M.
Pages: 741–746
Keywords: composite sorbent, microspheres, permeability, helium, natural gas, drying, gas separation

Selecting the optimum method of heat transfer intensification to improve efficiency of thermoelectric generator
Leontyev, A. I. and Onishchenko, D. O. and Arutyunyan, G. A.
Pages: 747–754
Keywords: thermoelectric generator, internal combustion engine, heat transfer intensification, energy of exhaust gases

Studying regimes of convective heat transfer in the production of high-temperature silicate melts
Volokitin, O. G. and Sheremet, M. A. and Shekhovtsov, V. V. and Bondareva, N. S. and Kuzmin, V. I.
Pages: 755–765
Keywords: plasma technology, silicate melt, mathematical model, heat transfer, non-Newtonian medium

Investigation of energy parameters of the plasma-resistive furnace
Anshakov, A. S. and Aliferov, A. I. and Domarov, P. V.
Pages: 767–772
Keywords: plasma-resistive furnace, plasmatorch, mathematical model, man-made waste, plasma heating, resistance heating

On laminar-turbulent transition in nanofluid flows
Rudyak, V. Ya. and Minakov, A. V. and Guzey, D. V. and Zhigarev, V. A. and Pryazhnikov, M. I.
Pages: 773–776
Keywords: nanofluid, laminar-turbulent transition, nanoparticles, flow in pipe, hydrodynamic resistance, viscosity

Calculating heat transfer in liquid films based on the method of weighted residuals
Aktershev, S. P. and Bartashevich, M. V.
Pages: 777–780
Keywords: liquid film, heat transfer, semi-analytical method

Comparative analysis for performance of brown coal combustion in a vortex furnace with improved design
Krasinsky, D. V.
Pages: 781–784
Keywords: vortex furnace for steam boiler, numerical modelling, coal combustion

70th Anniversary of Anatoly A. Maslov
Pages: 785–786

50th Anniversary of Alexander N. Shiplyuk
Pages: 787–788

Combustion and Explosion Journal

In newsletter #18 we gave the preview of the first two volumes of the Combustion and Explosion journal. Since then these two volumes have been published and another two volumes (3 and 4) have seen the light:

  • Volume 9, Issue N.3 (toc available here)
  • Volume 9, Issue N.4 (toc available here)

The toc for the last issue is presented below for your convenience

Table of Contents (Volume 9 Issue N.4)


Matrix conversion of enriched methane–oxygen mixture at elevated pressures
A. I. Tarasov, O. V. Shapovalova, K. A. Timofeev, K. A. Shiyanova, V. S. Arutyunov, V. M. Shmelev, and S. N. Antonyuk
Pages: 4-11
Keywords: natural gas; syngas; matrix conversion Abstract

Combustion of fuel–air mixture in gas cavity under the bottom of the high-speed vessel
S. M. Frolov, S. V. Platonov, K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, V. S. Ivanov, A. E. Zangiev, A. S. Koval’, and F. S. Frolov
Pages: 12-21
Keywords: high-speed vessel; artificial gas cavity; hydrodynamic drag; combustion; impulse of horizontal force

Measurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in combustion products of a gasoline engine
M. S. Assad, V. V. Grushevskii, O. G. Penyazkov, and I. N. Tarasenko
Pages: 22-27
Keywords: internal combustion engine; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; combustion products; octane number

On modeling of gaseous detonation in porous media by the one-dimensional reactive Euler equations
A. R. Kasimov and R. E. Semenko
Pages: 28-35
Keywords: detonation theory; detonation with losses

Well-posedness of nonisothermal Euler models of two-phase flows
R. R. Tukhvatullina and S. M. Frolov
Pages: 36-46
Keywords: two-phase flow; Euler equations; Cauchy problem; bubbly liquid; shock wave; comparison with experiment

Shock waves in water with bubbles of reactive gas: Calculation
K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, A. A. Borisov, D. G. Sevastopoleva, R. R. Tukhvatullina, S. M. Frolov, and F. S. Frolov
Pages: 47-63
Keywords: bubbly liquid; reactive gas; shock wave; hydraulic shock tube; reactive two-phase flow; hydrojet engine

Phenomenology of shock wave propagation in water with bubbles of reactive gas
K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, A. A. Borisov, I. A. Sadykov, S. M. Frolov, F. S. Frolov, and I. O. Shamshin
Pages: 64-82
Keywords: chemically active bubbly medium; shock wave; hydroshock tube; explosion; detonation; acetylene–oxygen mixture; experiment

Propagation of high-frequency sequence of shock waves in water with gas bubbles
K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, A. A. Borisov, S. M. Frolov, I. A. Sadykov, F. S. Frolov, and I. O. Shamshin
Pages: 83-95
Keywords: hydraulic shock tube; sequence of shock waves; water with air bubbles; momentum transfer; hydrojet pulsed detonation engine

Convective burning: From explosion safety to application in pulse technical devices
B. S. Ermolaev, A. A. Sulimov, A. V. Roman’kov, and V. E. Khrapovskii
Pages: 96-115
Keywords: convective burning; deflagration-to-detonation transition; barrel setup; pulse rocket engine; block charge

Study of pressure fluctuations in a solid rocket motor chamber in quasi-stationary operation mode
B. I. Larionov and A. V. Kuzmenko
Pages: 116-125
Keywords: pressure fluctuations; relaxation time; gas phase; propellant k-phase; intrachamber process

Experimental study of the low-temperature solid-propellant gas generator for ramjet
A. V. Baykov, A. V. Peshkova, A. V. Shihovtsev, and L. S. Yanovskiy
Pages: 126-131
Keywords: thermal decomposition; sublimation; solid propellant; low-temperature core

On the nature of disturbances as a reason of double-base propellants pulsating combustion
S. V. Chuiko
Pages: 132-137
Keywords: combustion; double-base propellant; hotspot-pulsed combustion

On the issue of testing and application of liquid explosives in industry
A. A. Dobrynin and I. A. Dobrynin
Pages: 138-147
Keywords: liquid explosives; dinitrogen tetroxide; acceptance testing; industrial application; safety assessment

Energy characteristics of underwater explosion of nonideal aluminum-rich explosive mixtures: Comparison with conventional high explosives
P.V. Komissarov, A. A. Borisov, G. N. Sokolov, and V. V. Lavrov
Pages: 148-154
Keywords: underwater explosion; hydroshock wave; nonideal explosion; Al–water reactions; bubble heave energy; shock wave energy; aluminized explosives

Mathematical model for thermolysis of NTO–TNT (1 : 1) mixture
A. V. Dubovik
Pages: 155-162
Keywords: thermal decomposition; complexation; autocatalysis; reaction products

Effect of properties of HMX particles on combustion-to-explosion transition in semiconfined volume
A. A. Matveev, V. N. Kulikov, A. N. Osavchuk, N. I. Shishov, and A. A. Kozlov
Pages: 163-168
Keywords: HMX powder; transition of combustion to explosion; semiconfined volume


Acta Astronautica


Since newsletter #17, a few volumes have been published.

Currently Volume 133  for April 2017 in being compiled and Volume 131 for February 2017 is completed. Indeed this publication of the International Academy of Astronautics has a rapid publishing rate and it is not feasible to cover all Volumes in our newsletter.

The toc at the time of this writing for Volume 133 is reported below for your convenience (please remember that is a work in progress). 

Thermoelastic buckling analysis of pre-twisted functionally graded beams with temperature-dependent material properties
Shenas, Amin Ghorbani and Malekzadeh, Parviz and Ziaee, Sima
Pages: 1–13
Keywords: Pre-twisted beams; Functionally graded materials; Third-order shear deformation theory; Thermal buckling; Chebyshev-Ritz method

Mechanism analysis of magnetohydrodynamic heat shield system and optimization of externally applied magnetic field
Li, Kai and Liu, Jun and Liu, Weiqiang
Pages: 14–23
Keywords: MHD flow control; Thermal protection; Thermochemical nonequilibrium; Magnetic field

Instantaneous gnss attitude determination: a monte carlo sampling approach
Sun, Xiucong and Han, Chao and Chen, Pei
Pages: 24–29
Keywords: GNSS; Attitude determination; Ambiguity resolution; Monte Carlo sampling; LAMBDA

Academy transaction note characterization of fram microcontrollers to radiations
Lacirignola, Federica and Sansoè, Claudio
Pages: 30–32
Keywords: AraMIS; FRAM; Aerospace; Payload; Radiations test

Analysis of flowfield characteristics for equal polygon opposing jet on different freeflow conditions
Li, Shi-bin and Wang, Zhen-guo and Huang, Wei and Yan, Li
Pages: 50–62
Keywords: Equal polygon; Opposing jet; Drag reduction; Aero-heating

Optimal mission planning of geo on-orbit refueling in mixed strategy
Chen, Xiao-qian and Yu, Jing
Pages: 63–72
Keywords: On-orbit refueling; On-orbit servicing; Mission planning; Scheduling

Toward lean satellites reliability improvement using horyu-iv project as case study
Faure, Pauline and Tanaka, Atomu and Cho, Mengu
Pages: 33–49
Keywords: Small satellite; Infant mortality; Satellite failure; Space environment; Simulation

Attitude stabilization of flexible spacecrafts via extended disturbance observer based controller
Yan, Ruidong and Wu, Zhong
Pages: 73–80
Keywords: Disturbance observer; Disturbance observer based control; Attitude control; Flexible spacecraft

Asteroid origins satellite (aosat) i: an on-orbit centrifuge science laboratory
Lightholder, Jack and Thoesen, Andrew and Adamson, Eric and Jakubowski, Jeremy and Nallapu, Ravi and Smallwood, Sarah and Raura, Laksh and Klesh, Andrew and Asphaug, Erik and Thangavelautham, Jekan
Pages: 81–94
Keywords: CubeSat; Centrifuge; Asteroids; Laboratory

A novel ram-air plasma synthetic jet actuator for near space high-speed flow control
Zhou, Yan and Xia, Zhixun and Luo, Zhenbing and Wang, Lin and Deng, Xiong
Pages: 95–102
Keywords: Plasma actuator; Synthetic jet; Near space; High-speed flow control; Ram-air

Drag reduction for the combination of spike and counterflow jet on blunt body at high mach number flow
Eghlima, Z. and Mansour, K.
Pages: 103–110
Keywords: Hypersonic; Spike; Counterflow jet; Drag reduction

Nonlinear model and attitude dynamics of flexible spacecraft with large amplitude slosh
Deng, Mingle and Yue, Baozeng
Pages: 111–120
Keywords: Spacecraft attitude dynamics; Large amplitude liquid slosh; Flexible appendage; Coupling dynamics


News from Readers

A reader suggested to keep an eye open in 2017 for a possible rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence use in everyday life. See for example this opinioned piece on O'Relley


Patents of Interest


The following patents have been selected from the EPO database using the following criteria: "WORD = CubeSat AND PUA12 >= 20150101". In this case, this means all patents whose A1/A2 documents both have been published after January 1, 2015 and contain the keyword "CubeSat. Since patents can be filed towards different organizations, sometimes the data available in the EPO database (the version available for free online) is not the most complete. In that case an external link is used.

How to browse the EPO patent list

There are different tools online to browse/search patents, for example google and the wipo. Here we will be using the EPO Patent information services for experts, from this address. It is possible to browse patents based on many parameters, inventor name, applicant/proprietor (usually a company), application date, etc. etc. In the future we will consider patents that have published their A1/A2 documents since the date of the last newsletter.

The definition of A1 and A2 are available here.

  • Basically when a European patent application is published together with the search report done by the agency, it is known as an A1 publication. When this application is published without the search report, it is an A2 document.
  • The search report is then published later as an A3 document.
  • When the patent is granted, it is published as a B document.